Welcome Collective is made up of a concerned group of citizens who have been moved to action by our encounters with asylum seekers. We have witnessed the difficulties and uncertainty that asylum seekers face and we are committed to providing as many of these families as possible with what they need to start their new lives in Canada. 

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Program Director

Rachel Shugart

Rachel is a community activist, teacher and artist who was raised in India, Pakistan and Toronto. She is involved in community movements focusing on housing rights and is a founding member of a borough pedestrian and cyclist association.

Board of Directors

Philippe Bélanger

Philippe is a partner at McCarthy Tétrault where he practices restructuring law and commercial litigation. He hopes to make a significant contribution to Welcome Collective by reaching out to the  legal community to raise awareness to the plight of asylum seekers coming to Montréal.

Myriam Bolduc

Myriam has been fortunate to travel to many countries around the world, which motivated her desire to work with different ethno-cultural communities. She has developed experience in social housing and now works as a social worker for PRAIDA. Her current assignment is at the YMCA Residence, which welcomes many asylum seekers when they first arrive in Canada.

Charles Faubert

Charles is active in community volunteering and has experience in film production and business management. He received a master’s degree in business administration from McGill University. His current focus is on social and arts projects that can produce a long-term positive impact.

Valérie Gobeil

Valérie works in a tech company in Montreal, where she is responsible for learning and development. She has a passion for putting human interactions at the center of her work to foster the development and potential of individuals and teams. She is particularly interested in launching and growing projects which seek to break down barriers and have concrete social impact, such as Welcome Collective.

Noelle Sorbara

Noelle is a consultant for non profit organizations.  She received a law degree from McGill University, and  is the co-founder of Pop Montreal International Music Festival.  Her current focus is on developing programs and organizations that help in the integration of asylum seekers in Montreal.

Claire Trottier

Claire is an Academic Associate at McGill University, where she received her PhD. She serves on the board of the McGill University Health Centre Foundation and the Trottier Family Foundation, and volunteers as a grassroots organizer to foster inclusion and intercultural understanding in her neighbourhood.

Mandy Wolfe

Mandy is one of the founders and owners of Mandy's Restaurants based in Montreal. She splits her time between creating recipes, raising her kids and volunteering with Welcome Collective. 

Rebecca Wolfe

Rebecca is one of the founders and owners of Mandy’s Restaurants based in Montreal. She enjoys creating design content for branding and interiors. She’s busy raising her two kids, making salads and helping newcomers settle into Montreal. 



The generous suppport and collaboration of our partners help us to fulfill our mission.

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