We are always looking for people to help us help families! Go ahead and click the Volunteer With Us button when you are ready to get in touch. Here are different ways you can help us.


+ Form a Welcome Group

We are always looking for new Welcome Groups to help families make the transition into their new city and apartment. Learn more here.

+ Help out at our storage space

There is a constant flow of items coming in to our storage space, and we always need help to keep the operation running. We need help with sorting items, making kitchen kits and bedding bundles, and general organization.

Part of the fun is meeting follks from around the world, thanks to the refugee claimants who volunteer with us.

Storage hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

+ Help us on the van

We are on the road every weekday, picking up items from donors and delivering to families in need. If you are able-bodied and think you can handle a day (or half-day) of lifting and carrying furniture (we mostly avoid very heavy items), please let us know.

If you are also comfortable driving a cargo van or cube van, even better: drivers who can move stuff are always in high demand.

We mostly work from 9:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays, though these times can change depending on such variables as availability and traffic.

+ Use your car to help

If you have a car, you could pick up smaller items from donors or deliver smaller items to families.

The hours for small item pick-ups and deliveries are generally felxible, depending on your availability.

+ Special events volunteer

Help us plan and run our events! We organize coat drives, toy drives, picnics... we always need help to make sure things go smoothly!


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